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How to Look Fantastic on Linkedin …

Have you left off your Linkedin profile photo because hate having your photo taken? See how you can get the great new Corporate Headshot you've always wanted, and you'll actually enjoy the process!
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We hear it all the time, “I hate having my photo taken!” or “I don’t look good in photos”.

Sound familiar? Great, we’re talking about people just like you!

People who have avoided posting a profile photo on Linkedin, and there’s just an anonymous grey silhouette next to their profile.

Sorry folks, but you should ALWAYS include a professional photo of yourself on Linkedin.

If you’re a job seeker, you need to have a picture that hiring managers can see to get a feel for whether you are the right fit for their company.

A great photo also helps potential connections determine whether you’re the John Smith or Mary Jones they know or not. Without a great professional headshot, you could be missing out on opportunities to network or be hired.

Corporate Headshots

Be sure to engage the services of a dedicated professional headshot photographer with a comfortable modern studio where you can be photographed in a private, relaxed professional environment. It may cost a little more, but for less than the price of a decent pair of shoes you’ll get an image that you can proudly show off to the world for several years!

Your session should last approx 30 minutes, giving you time to relax, have a conversation with the photographer about how you wish to be portrayed, try some different expressions, poses and outfits, and see your results straight away. 

Choosing an experienced photographer who will guide, prompt and direct you means that you’ll never have to worry about where to place your hands or when or how much to smile.  The most advanced photo studios will even retouch your chosen images on the spot, while you watch, giving you complete satisfaction and control of your professional image.

Melbourne Headshot Company Studio Professional

The last thing you want is the “Sausage Machine” style of images taken at your office. These are taken assembly line style, with everyone getting just a few short minutes in front of the camera as your co-workers look on and embarrass you! You’ll often get no say in the final choice of your image, and little or no retouching will be done afterwards.

A great Linkedin Photo is really important for your brand. It’s your shop window, it needs to look like you, preferably the professional version of you, and on a really good day! 

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