Who do the majority of Victorian Politicians trust to take their Headshots?

We were recently asked to photograph The Hon. David Davis, an Upper House Victorian MP, when we realised that we had photographed Government representatives at ALL levels for our residential address!

In addition to Mr. Davis, we have also photographed his Southern Metropolitan Region Upper House colleagues The Hon. Georgie Crozier & The Hon. Margaret Fitzherbert. (pictured below)

In Federal Parliament, we have photographed Victorian Senators, Jane Hume, Scott Ryan and James Patterson. (pictured below)

And it didn’t end there!

We also photographed our Federal Member for Chisholm –  Julia Banks MP for her successful electoral campaign and our State Member for Burwood, Graham Watt MP. From our local council, we also photographed Councillor Andrew Davenport, of Riversdale Ward in the City of Whitehorse. (see below)

Politicians have been trusting us since 2000 for their campaign images, some many times over during their long careers. We’re even now photographing second generation politicians as their children enter politics!

So what makes a good photograph for a politician?

The public perception of trust is of paramount importance. Wherever possible the candidate should be smiling, and a genuine smile at that.

Not a “trying too hard over smile” or a “hurry up and get me out of here” fake smile but a genuine, confident, engaging smile directly at the camera.

Research shows the value of good professional photos for campaigns. In a marginal seat, it has been proven that 3% of swinging voters, with no allegiance to a major party, will vote for the person whose photograph they like the most!

At the last Federal election, the Queensland seat of Herbert was won by less than 20 votes!

At the Melbourne Headshot Company, our Grand Master Photographer Andrew Campbell will train you to smile that genuine smile you need on cue – and if you hate smiling for the camera, he’ll show you how to look warm and approachable, without necessarily showing your teeth.

So come see us for your professional images – you don’t have to be a politician either!

Contact us to book your session on 03 96421656 or click Here to get started.

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