Are you a council election candidate?

The local council elections are coming up on October 22nd this year.

You’ll be needing some great photos for your campaign material and most importantly for the ballot paper, as this may be only time a voter gets to see and choose who they are going to vote for.

Voters will be making judgements based initially on your photos. If they like what they see then the’ll be more likely to read your story, so it’s important to look friendly, trustworthy and capable in your photos, especially if you hate having your photo taken!

As specialists in this field, we’re here to help you with all of this. We’ve photographed two Prime Ministers, four Premiers and hundreds of Politicians and Councillors over the past sixteen years.

We know all the secrets to help you smile that confident, engaging and winning smile, backed up with the latest photoshop and digital wizardry to get the best out of you and create photos that look like you on a really, really good day!

We recently photographed several local council candidates including Kingston Cr. Geoff Gledhill and Boroondara Candidate Felicity Sinfield.

Geoff is a family man, volunteer lifesaver and and former Mayor who is looking friendly and professional in his new photos. Felicity too has a young family and looks vibrant and friendly here.

Like Geoff and Felicity, if you’re looking to get the best headshots possible for your election campaign, come and see us and we’ll look after you as well!

We’re so confident that you’ll look fantastic in your election material that we Guarantee it 100%. If we don’t get the best possible pictures for your campaign, don’t pay us!