The quality of your image tells a powerful story – make sure yours is saying the right thing…

Make your services more appealing, more desirable and memorable, and your business totally stand out from your competition by enhancing your company’s business image.

Research shows that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression!

Your website, tender documents, annual report and how your staff feel about your business all work hand in hand to influence customers to choose your business over competition … or vice versa. Your business image is what positions you in the marketplace and attracts the right kind of customers.

You may have had your photograph taken dozens of times for different publications, but how many times have you been really happy with your image? Or had any control over the final results? Not with the Melbourne Headshot Company – You will leave our studio knowing what your new picture looks like and you will be proud to show it off to your colleagues, family and friends!

Hate having your photo taken?” You’ve just had the wrong Photographer up until now… We understand how to shape your body so you love how you look!

"Andrew is not only a photographer - he's a magician!"

He really "got me" and captured the real me in photos exactly the way I wanted to be seen, and he's particularly good at photo shop, making me look "my very best self". There are lots of people who can take good pics but Andrew listened, understood and most importantly made me feel comfortable in front of a camera. I can present to thousands of people but get quite nervous when having photos taken - Andrew you made the session fun and most importantly I LOVE the pics - my visit to The Melbourne Headshot Co. was a really smart investment."
Melbourne Headshot Company
Di Padgett
Motivational Speaker & Coach
We understand the true power of your personal and professional brand. It’s your logo that impacts people around the world before they even meet you. It’s the best kind of first impression that you could offer. 

And that’s what we’re here to create. 

This is more than just a picture of you. You need an image, something that perfectly captures the essence of who you are, everything about you in one high-quality photo. It needs to be:
Display your personality, 
Establish you as an authority in your industry & 
Be the perfect representation of your best self!
This is going to be something that EVERYBODY will see. This is the picture that goes on all your correspondence. This is the image that will be on your website. It’s your personal profile on LinkedIn. It’s what conference-goers will see when your name is advertised as the key guest for the event. It’s what will be displayed out the front of your next speaking engagement. And if that’s not enough reason to make sure you get the perfect photo, I don’t know what is. 
Understandably, the idea of getting professional shots can be intimidating for many, especially for those who’ve never had to think about it before. Maybe your office organized a photographer last time and you simply had to show up and sit pretty for a couple of minutes while they snapped off 5-7 pictures.
To get that perfect shot to use for your business papers, sites, and gigs, you need to use the right photographer. The perfect photo requires a professional with the ability to draw out the best from you and capture your essence in a single picture.
Nervous? No need! You’ll be coached and prompted into the stances, positions, and poses that show off your features, highlighting the aspects of your truest self. You’ll be amazed to see the best pictures ever taken of you that you’ve ever seen.
You need a photographer that puts you at ease, that is fun and engaging, and that knows how to draw out that side of you that you want everybody to see and respect. You want to feel confident that the photographer knows what they’re doing. A photographer does more than point a camera and press a button. The ideal photographer gets to know the real you in a relaxed, friendly environment, setting you up for success and capturing the part of you that will create authority and awe in the one image.
Meet Andrew Campbell.  
Andrew is a professional photographer with a background in fashion shoots. His work has been used in magazines and adverts around the country. Andrew’s work is even nationally recognized, exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra for exceptional work.
 And with Andrew’s gift for getting to know his clients and a rich experience in framing and composing the perfect shot, he’s turned his attention to the executive and professionals who need the perfect portrait to brand themselves. His ability goes far beyond taking excellent pictures to put his clients at ease, drawing out the elements of themselves that they want to be captured, and creating a fun, engaging shoot that produces world-class results. 
With a history of over 10,000 people photographed, his resume stands out from the rest. He has worked with athletes, corporate executives, CEOs, business leaders, public speakers, and media personnel. He’s even included two Prime Ministers and four Premiers among his satisfied clients.
Now it’s Your Turn!
If you feel like it’s time for an updated version of yourself, this is for you. Before you miss out on that next big opportunity before you need to stand out in your field over your competition before you blow the chance to make a big first impression, take the first step to brand yourself better.
Create an image of power, prestige, of persuasion with your personal and professional branding portrait. Create an influential portrayal of the real you that you want the world to see.
Start with a unique photography experience with a professional studio artist backed by years of experience behind the lens. Let his friendly and expert knowledge draw out and capture the personality that you wish to portray.
Contact the team at Melbourne Headshot Company to discuss getting started on your photo session. Be your best self. Every day. And let us build credibility create connections, and convey confidence with your personal brand.
Melbourne Headshot Company


We guarantee to make you look fantastic!

If you want to look ‘plastic’ then maybe we aren’t the photographers for you. We believe that we earn the privilege of a wrinkle or 2 and that’s what makes us who we are.

Uniquely individual!

Yes, the photoshop fairies visit your image files before delivery, to enhance you, not change who you are like you see in overprocessed images all the time.

Retouching is included in the exceptional service we provide for you.

Melbourne Headshot Company

Hair and Make-up

Want To Look Your Best

Imagine this! You arrive with a few outfits over your arm. You are greeted by your own Professional Hair & Make-up artist waiting for you.

Your clothes are gently hung in the change room, but not before she notices what colours you have chosen for today.

You might even wonder why it’s been so long since you’ve enjoyed a bit of “me” time.

You turn and look in the mirror, and you breathe a sigh of relief, you still look like you, on a great day!

To add Hair & Makeup to your session is only an additional $220, and well worth the small investment.

Guys should bring a change of clothes and be well groomed for your session. Think like you were off to an event to meet some very influential people. We will take care of any shine or imperfections on the day for you. 

Melbourne Headshot Company

The Melbourne Headshot Company believes in putting its’ money where its’ mouth is.

Our Philosophy is this..

“If we produce images that are not to your total satisfaction, we don’t deserve your business. Here’s what we’ve done to guarantee that the product you end up with is the one you were expecting to get in the first place”.

You are guaranteed to receive the best possible service and quality. We guarantee it 100%. If you are not happy with your final images, simply tell us before your session ends and we will re-shoot entirely at our expense. If you are still not happy when your session ends, you don’t pay!

This guarantee means that you have the ultimate peace of mind when you book the Melbourne Headshot Company to shoot your portraits!