The quality of your image tells a powerful story – make sure yours is saying the right thing…

Make your services more appealing, more desirable and memorable, and your business totally stand out from your competition by enhancing your company’s business image.

Research shows that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression!

Your website, tender documents, annual report and how your staff feel about your business all work hand in hand to influence customers to choose your business over competition … or vice versa. Your business image is what positions you in the marketplace and attracts the right kind of customers.

You may have had your photograph taken dozens of times for different publications, but how many times have you been really happy with your image? Or had any control over the final results? Not with the Melbourne Headshot Company – You will leave our studio knowing what your new picture looks like and you will be proud to show it off to your colleagues, family and friends!

Here’s how you can identify a great headshot photo that works!

Look at the ‘before’ photo

(This was not taken by us!)

Does it inspire confidence? Would you want to meet this man?

Is that a natural smile or does it look forced and uncomfortable?

Poor choice of camera angle. It’s shot from too far below his chin, the subject’s jowls appear pronounced and unflattering.

The eyes are uneven – he has a “lazy eye” on his right hand side (our left) that opens slower than the other.

So do almost 40% of our subjects – unless photographed properly, it looks like he’s blinking or asleep.

That tie – it’s just too busy and distracting. We should only be focussing on his face.

Now see our ‘after’ photo

(We took this one for him recently)

The subject looks more confident and professional now doesn’t he?

Confident natural smile – like a TV news presenter.

Plain red contemporary business tie, and contrasting plain shirt.

Use of even lighting flatters the subject by reducing lines around his eyes.

Well fitting, tailored suit jacket.

Relaxed, conversational pose and body language, makes him look friendly and approachable.

This photo was shot from his best side to eliminate the lazy eye problem.

Finally, a Character portrait.

(We took this one as well)

The subject looks confident, dynamic & professional!

He has a confident approachable expression and he looks trustworthy!

Direct eye contact emphasizes one on one communication.

Strong side lighting creates a sense of drama.

Just visible expensive watch implies that he’s successful.

His naturally placed hand adds a human touch and grounds the subject, suggesting strength of character.

Most importantly, he now looks like he can justify charging more money for his services!

You too can look fantastic with some careful posing
and a little help from photoshop!


Most women hate the idea of having their photograph taken!

In business, many professional women need to supply a quality recent photo. We understand that some of you may be image or body conscious, and reluctant to be photographed professionally.


With some direction, lighting and a little photoshop help, you can have a professional photo that works!

We know all the secrets to direct and pose you so you look natural, slimmer and more confident.
We’ll bring out the best in you, and you’ll be amazed at the results – just like the celebrities in the magazines!

"Andrew is not only a photographer - he's a magician!"


He really "got me" and captured the real me in photos exactly the way I wanted to be seen, and he's particularly good at photo shop, making me look "my very best self". There are lots of people who can take good pics but Andrew listened, understood and most importantly made me feel comfortable in front of a camera. I can present to thousands of people but get quite nervous when having photos taken - Andrew you made the session fun and most importantly I LOVE the pics - my visit to The Melbourne Headshot Co. was a really smart investment." - Di Padgett Motivational Speaker & Coach