Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Aipp Grand Master, Fellow NZIPP, WPPI Master

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien MP

We were honoured and delighted to be chosen to create new campaign and publicity images for the Victorian Opposition leader, Michael O’Brien MP. Politicians need quality campaign images that endear public trust and confidence, and as specialists in this field, we welcomed the opportunity to again work with such a high profile public figure.

Michael was generous with his time, and in just 90 minutes we efficiently created a variety of images to support his campaign, wearing casual, corporate casual and formal attire. Michael and his team were delighted with the results, which have since been published extensively.

We’ve been photographing Liberal Party politicians for over two decades, commencing with Richard Dalla-Riva MP (now retired), Sen. Mitch Fifield (now the Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations), then State Party President and former Senator, Helen Kroger and ultimately former Prime Minister John Howard  – and that was all in our first year!

The list of Liberal Party politicians we have since photographed is too long to mention here, suffice to say that to date we have photographed two Prime Ministers, four State Premiers and hundreds of local, state and federal government representatives.

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