The Graduate

So you missed your graduation ceremony but want a great graduation photo? See how you can get the graduation photo you always wanted, and how we can make you - and your family, look fantastic!

Candy recently graduated from Deakin uni with a Business degree, and her family in Singapore really wanted some nice photos to celebrate the occasion.

We were able to help out by supplying graduation wear in exactly the right colours for her course, and a provide her with a lovely scroll customised with her university logo.

While she was in the studio, Candy also took some really fun and fashionable casual shots, which look amazing, just like in the magazines!

You don’t have to wait in a long line on the night of your ceremony to get great graduation photos, just book and we’ll look after you with a great graduation photo package!

Contact us to book your session on 03 96421656 or click Here to get started.

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