Ray White recently introduced lifestyle photography. The corporate style of agent photography is out, and a natural outdoor style is in.

When our long term client, Matt White from Ray White Port Phillip presented us with the brief, we saw an opportunity to create something fresh and new, and in a controlled manner.

The brief called for the Agents to look friendly and approachable, be dressed professionally and modestly, and to represent themselves and their company in a contemporary way.

The background needs to be a visual cue that link them to their local community.

We took a trip to St. Kilda Botanic Gardens to photograph some background images, and saw some interesting “urban wildlife” too, with many weddings and parties happening while we were there.

Corporate Headshot

There are few challenges more difficult than scheduling outdoor photoshoots in Melbourne. Four seasons in a day is the norm, ranging from 40+ degree heat to freezing cold and raining in a matter of hours. No-one likes getting sweaty, or having their hair blown around or getting wet, so a bit of lateral thinking can go a long way!

We chose to photograph the agents in the air-conditioned comfort our studio – Lighting them individually to suit these new backgrounds and using a special “green screen” style technique to blend them into the new environment.

Real Estate agent lifestyle portrait

The results speak for themselves. The client is delighted, the agents love their new photos and it’s a time and cost effective solution. Happy days, a win/win/win all round!

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