Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Aipp Grand Master, Fellow NZIPP, WPPI Master

Medical & Healthcare Headshot Specialists

Are you a healthcare professional needing a quality visual brand and professional headshots?

We create headshots for trusted medical and healthcare professionals.

You’ve worked hard to establish your practice, and you’re now a recognised expert in your field, but do your professional images portray you as the authentic, empathetic, and confident person your patients can trust with their needs? Most referral partners and patients will google you in their time of need, looking for reassurance that they have the right person to connect with.

At the Melbourne Headshot Company, we recognise that your image is vital for creating a trusted brand. Having photographed 100’s Surgeons, Specialists, Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Councillors, we know how to capture professional headshots that prospective patients can trust.

We begin by establishing how you want to be portrayed. For most healthcare professionals, it’s a professional, empathetic, and trustworthy expression, or perhaps an authentic smile; our experience ensures we quickly identify your practice’s targeted demographic and match this to your visual branding, guaranteeing the right outcome.

You will be personally guided, directed and prompted with posing, body language, expressions, and attitudes just like a professional model, and you’ll be amazed at the results. We are constantly checking if your hair is looking right or if your clothes need adjusting, small but important details.

You’ll be coached to achieve a genuine connection that comes through the lens and is felt by your target audience. You will be amazed at the difference the quality of professional headshots makes to the look and feel of your website overall. 

We know how busy you are, so you will get to see the images immediately after your shoot for selection. Following a slight retouch or airbrush, you will have them in your inbox within 48 hrs, sized for Linkedin, your website and social media, and in high resolution for reproduction.

"It was a great and fun experience. Andrew was very confident in his approach and expertly and pleasantly guided me through the process to obtain some amazing pictures true to personality and purpose."
Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran
Nephrologist - Mount Waverly

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