Melbourne Headshot Company

Here Is How It Works…

We Don't Just Take Your Picture... We Create Your Image.

We are renowned for creating professional headshots for busy professionals that showcase you as powerful whilst approachable, capturing true and authentic images for your personal brand.

Step 1 – Branding You

Who are you and how do you want the world to see you?

This is the most important step for an image that creates credibility, connection, confidence in you.
We review where you intend to use the image – where it’s going to appear, in what context and who’s going to be looking at it.

Who are you looking to attract? Potential employers, prospective clients, personal contacts.

How do you want to be portrayed? Warm and friendly, professional and approachable, trustworthy and reliable?

Our expertise ensures we can quickly help you identify your desired outcome and needs for your business, guaranteeing the right look for you.

Step 2 – Camera Confidence

You will be personally guided, directed and prompted with posing, stances, expressions and attitudes just like a professional model, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

We are constantly checking if your hair is looking right or if your clothes needs adjusting, small but important details.

You’ll be coached on how to genuinely and warmly smile for the camera on cue, creating a connection that comes through the lens, without looking like you are faking it.

You can see straight away what looks really suit your personal brand and style.

Once this is complete you will be amazed that those feelings of nerves, anxiousness and not liking how you look on camera simply disappear!

Step 3 – Capturing You

Now you are ready.

We know what we are going for.

You know what suits you and your feeling really great!

Now you are confident and we have our plan and purpose, we are able to capture those perfect images that are true and authentic for your personal brand.

There is no limit to the number of shots taken, so we keep shooting until you are completely delighted with your amazing new image!

You get to try different outfits, perfect those expressions and poses so we really get the desired outcome and needs for your business, guaranteeing the right look for you.

Step 4 – The Reveal

No need to come back.

We know how busy you are, so we will reveal the images immediately after your shoot for personally guided selection and retouching. 

Step 5 – Final Touchups

If your images need a slight retouch or airbrush (I’m your fairy godmother) we take care of all of that included in the price so once you have chosen your photo package, there’s nothing more to pay.

You will then have them in your inbox within 48 hrs.