What to Wear

Confidence, the right clothes, hair & makeup and the attitude you portray at the shoot all impact the outcome of your photos. Dress as if you were going to an event, or representing your company. 

Bring accessories and props, eg: Laptop, tablet and notebook. The more prepared you are, the better your photos will look!

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We guarantee to make you look fantastic!

A business suit and a contrasting coloured blouse or top always works. Long sleeves and solid colours photograph best. Keep your jewellery simple and stylish. 

For casual looks, bring a range of colours but avoid busy patterns. We recommend you bring in 3-4 outfits on the day, so you have more options to choose from, bring even more if you’re taking a Custom Profile or Personal Branding session.

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Here's what to bring to your session.

For a formal look, a black, navy or charcoal colour suit with your favourite tie (casual, soft, statement style ties are in fashion now) and plain shirt, with protruding French cuffs photograph well. 

Watch this video to learn how to tie a Windsor knot.

If youʼre after a more contemporary or casual look,  bring a few jackets and contrasting coloured, plain shirts or tops, with jeans or chinos. 

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We guarantee to make you look fantastic!

You will see immediate post production, enhancement and image retouching, including…
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Hair and Make-up

Do you need professional hair and make-up?

We recommend you get a trim or haircut before your shoot. 

Ladies, if you’ve booked a Custom Profile or Personal Branding session, a Professional Hair & Makeup artist can be arranged for +$220. Alternatively, when doing your own makeup, aim for a natural look, less is more! 

Gents, please come wellgroomed and ready. Photoshop can reduce imperfections and shine. 

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The Melbourne Headshot Company retains copyright to our photos. We give permission for unrestricted usage in Australia for website, intranet, internal and external publications. Clients usually update their photos every 23 years. 

Accreditation is due as follows: © The Melbourne Headshot Company for unrestricted usage in Australia. 

International usage periods can be negotiated upfront.

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Image Style

We consult with you to identify the type of image needed, the desired mood, and appropriate expressions for your business. 

We create the style, lighting, background, and direction required to meet your brief. 

We can also mirror existing styles and lighting setups to maintain your corporate image.