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Showcase a Unified, Stable and Current Corporate Team Image.

We offer a unique solution to easily update and maintain your team’s corporate photography in Melbourne. It’s important to keep these images current and represent your diverse workforce. You should always update any team photos to reflect any changes in the team or if you’ve added new members. This will show customers and potential customers that your company is active and up–to–date.

Our system ensures that individual portraits are professionally taken, allowing each staff member to showcase their personality, and then the images are artfully edited and arranged to create a unified and polished team photo.

This way, when someone joins or leaves the company, the photo can be quickly and easily updated, ensuring that your business will always project a polished image. With a wide range of backgrounds and lighting styles, our high-quality studio corporate photography is unsurpassed in Melbourne.

Corporate Photography Melbourne - Showcase your Team!

Many people feel self-conscious or insecure about their appearance and worry they won’t look good in photos. This can be especially true if they are being photographed in a group or a public setting with distractions, including curious co-workers, emails, phone calls or unexpected visitors. 

That’s why we recommend scheduling staff members individually with back-to-back, 30 min corporate photography sessions either in the studio or a seperate boardroom at your premises, away from the distractions of their colleagues. They can choose their photos immediately afterwards, and have them retouched to soften lines, remove blemishes etc, and we can guarantee that everybody will be delighted with their results!

If you have a 10 or more people to photograph, we can come to your office with lights, cameras & a laptop for your corporate photography in Melbourne! 

Corporate Photography

Team Photo Sessions
  • Volume Rates for Groups
  • Includes 1 Retouched Image per Person
  • Our Studio or your Premises (half day minimum on location)
  • 30 mins per person (studio)
  • 15 mins per person (location)
Melbourne Headshot Company working on Location
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Shooting on Location for The Watershed Group

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