Photos that help you Win the Job of your Dreams!

A fantastic Headshot on your resume will ensure that you leave an impression after an interview. Most Airlines require a full length photo and a headshot of you.

A passport camera and untrained photographer can’t capture the real you. We know all the secrets to making your photos meet the Qatar, Emirates and Qantas application photo requirements and create images you are proud to present!

Ron (pictured right) had his application photos done with us last year. He was immediately successful and now enjoys flying the world with Qantas!

Pictured below are several more applicants we photographed, whose careers have taken off!



Includes your headshot and full length shots to meet Airline requirements. Plus 6x passport sized copies of your headshot and 2: 10x13cm sized copies of your full length shot. Images also supplied on a 4GB USB stick for emailing to Airlines.

  • David Della Rocca
    Thank you so very much for the wonderful photos which you took for me. I really appreciated the way you made me feel very comfortable and confident. You professional photos gave me the edge I needed to getting the job with Emirates Airlines. This is a new and exciting time in my life and I have The Melbourne Headshot Co. to thank. I wish you and you company every success in the future.
    David Della Rocca
    Emirates Airlines
  • Tim Phillips
    I used the Melbourne Headshot Company for my flight attendant application photos. I now have the job of my dreams travelling the world for free! Some other applicants I knew who didn't use your services missed out on getting the job, but your photos made all the difference in my application. Thank you for making my dream a reality!
    Tim Phillips
    Flight Attendant - Qatar Airlines

For a reasonable price you can come into our city studio and get a brand new image you will be proud to attach to your application. This includes a full studio photographic shoot, direction and media training to make you look fantastic, and a little airbrushing where necessary to make your new image look fantastic! Your photos are supplied ready to print or upload on the web.

At the Melbourne Headshot Company we do all this and more!

We can guarantee the results and it won’t cost you a fortune! Your photographer, Andrew Campbell, AIPP Grand Master Photographer, has 15 years experience and knows how to get the best possible Professional Headshot. Many of our clients have successfully applied to airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, JAL and Qantas and Andrew knows all the secrets to making your photos stand out and meet the Airlines’ requirements.

We recently helped a Tasmanian leave the country! Elise had portfolio of images shot in Tasmainia for a job interview with an overseas airline. The photographs were not a true representation of herself and she was not confident about getting her dream job.

Her sister (a corporate headshot client), recommended her to us as we could guarantee to make her not only look fantastic, but look like herself! So she flew to Melbourne to see us. We created fantastic headshots and full length shots that got our client the job, and it didn’t cost her a fortune.

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