Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Aipp Grand Master, Fellow NZIPP, WPPI Master

Creating Powerful Portraits using Mood Lighting

Using a secret fashion photographers in-camera technique and lighting method to create dramatic portraits for corporate clients. See how we photographed Horror Fiction Writer Brad Ashlock and Family Lawyer, Chris Ambas to create dramatic new portraits for their image branding.
Professional Headshot Chris Ambas Lawyer Swiftly Legal

What could an edgy horror fiction writer have in common with a successful family lawyer?

Although they work in very different fields, both Brad Ashlock and Chris Ambas wanted powerful portraits for their websites and marketing. Coincidentally, they were both clients of ours recently.

Chris Ambas is the CEO of Swiftly Legal and strives to lead the company to transform the way family law is practised in Australia.

Professional Headshot Writer Brad Ashlock

Brad is a prolific writer, with a master’s degree in painting. His gritty, violent, pulpy, B-movie type novels might help you escape the everyday hum-drum boredom for a few hours.

Needing photographs of himself for his website and book covers, Brad’s session was both creative and enjoyable. Using a secret in-camera technique from my former days as a fashion photographer, I deliberately set the camera colour temperature to 3200k instead of the usual daylight-balanced 5000k.

This means that when lit with studio flash, the skin tones will be very cold and blue. Using heavy directional side lighting and black background, Brad’s resulting portraits are dramatic, moody and edgy, perfect for his image as a writer who paints a world full of darkness.

Brad loves his new image and we did too! (You can order his books on Amazon.)

Signature Headshots

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