Get the Headshots you need for your Acting Career!

Your Actors Headshot is the first impression that a casting director, agent or manager will have of you. You need a fantastic image that you feel confident presenting! Your Actors Headshot needs to be natural, show your very best qualities, and capture your personality. It needs to look like you, but on a really good day!

At the Melbourne Headshot Company we do all this and more!

We can guarantee the results and it won’t cost you a fortune! Your photographer, Andrew Campbell is an AIPP Grand Master Photographer. He has 15 years experience shooting performing artists of all types and knows how to get the best possible Professional Headshot. Many of our clients have come back to us repeatedly to update their Headshots, that’s how happy they are with the results!

ACTORS SPECIAL PACKAGE Two Great New Looks for just $395!


Actors Headshot sessions with AIPP Grand Master Photographer Andrew Campbell including two favourite images, fully retouched on a 4GB USB stick.

Casting Directors will only give you one chance to impress, so get yourself not just one, but two great new shots to promote yourself! This means you can have a smiling shot and a look of quiet confidence to show off as well.

100% Guaranteed - if you don't like your pictures on the day, you don't have to pay!

  • Jonathan Vaughan
    Thank you so much for your professional service. I have had great response from casting directors and directors..and recently scored a small role on Neighbours...which is a good start to the year in acting!

    Jonathan Vaughan
    Actor - Neighbours, City Homicide, Killing Time, The Dr. Blake Mysteries
  • Rick Tonna
    Thank you for your awesome work. The whole experience is amazing, I felt completely at home all the way through and the finished product blew me away. Andrew's skill in his craft is truly special, he creates far more than just great photos!
    Rick Tonna
    Actor - I Frankenstein, Knowing, Ned Kelly, On the Beach

A Few Frequently Asked Questions …

What to Wear?

We advise that you wear plain dark clothes, solid colours, no patterns and long sleeves. This means the emphasis remains on your face, after all, its about you! If you like, bring along a few different pieces with interesting necklines that frame your face and we’ll see what works best on you in front of the camera. Bring clothes that you would normally wear or feel comfortable in. Sometimes, your agent may require you to provide a couple of different looks. We’re happy to advise and shoot a few different outfits for you to see what works best.

Will I need professional hair and make-up?

  • Guys, a light face powder can reduce imperfections and reduce face shine from oils in the skin.
  • Girls, if you choose to do your own make-up, don’t over do it and if in doubt, less is always more!
  • We also strongly recommend that you get a haircut or trim the day before your shoot.

How long does the session last?

Most of our sessions take around 60 minutes, which includes retouching your chosen ‘hero’ files, and supplying your 4GB USB stick. Most people find this an interesting and interactive process, and you can enjoy a really great free cappuccino while you wait.

Contact us to book your session on 03 96421656 or click Here to get started.

A Before and after story…

Photography is a wonderful hobby and it’s great fun for the enthusiast!

But Professional Photography is different because it’s an unregulated industry where anyone can go buy a big camera and a website and call themselves a professional photographer.

When choosing a professional photographer for your Actor’s Headshots, always be sure to check the photographers’ level of experience, capabilities and even industry awards. This means you’ll avoid disappointment and unfulfilled expectations.

Sean McIntyre is an actor. Sean recently had some new shots taken elsewhere. They were not expensive and he had a lot taken, but the results were not what he was hoping for or needing for his career.

Compare his Before shot with our After shot and let the results speak for for themselves!

The Melbourne Headshot Company’s principal photographer is Andrew Campbell. Andrew is a Grand Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and was twice named State Professional Photographer of the Year.

Andrew has been a full time Professional photographer since 1985. He has never been an Actor and has no plans to become one!

Read Sean’s own words …

“Budget was a significant factor when deciding to update my headshots. While the final images I received from the other photographer met the brief and my budget, I reluctantly realized they would not convey to the market the character type and traits that I wanted to communicate. Having the right look was crucial, given I am embarking upon a transition to a new acting agency.

I had commissioned The Melbourne Headshot Company for my business portraits since 2002. It was an easy decision to return to Andrew Campbell for the expertise I needed for my acting career. The professional quality of each shot is self-evident. I can now confidently begin to pitch myself and my marketing material to agents and casting directors”.

Sean McIntyre
Wise Words Media
Actor, writer and creative producer ‘A Fistful of Scripts’

Most people would expect to pay $1000’s for an ultra-professional photography service like this, but not anymore. Get yourself a head shot you can be really proud to show off, at a reasonable price that won’t break your budget!

Contact us to book your session on 03 96421656 or click Here to get started.,

100% Guaranteed – if you don’t like your pictures on the day, you don’t have to pay!