Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Aipp Grand Master, Fellow NZIPP, WPPI Master

A Boast of Barristers

Professional Headshot John Kelly Foleys List

Back in 2019, (pre-Covid remember those days?) We were commissioned by John Kelly (pictured above) to take consistent professional headshots every Barrister on Foley’s List. This was an extensive undertaking as there were some 350 Barristers requiring individual studio sessions!

Our innovative solution was to create a fully equipped satellite studio within Owen Dixon Chambers, featuring our new state of the art LED lighting rig and computers etc.  Working with John’s experienced team of clerks who scheduled regular 30 min appointment blocks from 9 am-to 12noon, and 3 pm-6 pm, three days a week for many months. 

Professional Headshots Barristers Foleys List

Taking the time to engage with each person to understand their experience and areas of interest, we also learned that barristers are brilliant and passionate, with many diverse interests beyond their craft including winemaking, classic car restoration, fishing and playing live music!

We somehow managed to service our regular studio appointments in between at our Little Collins St. Studio, (and Andrew became very fit walking back & forth across the city!)

We really enjoyed this project, John & the team were delighted with the results, and we continue to photograph Foley’s new readers to this day.

Corporate Photography for Teams

(Oh and being an Australian Idol fan, Andrew nabbed a selfie with former contest judge & “Touchdown” king, turned Barrister Mark Holden!)

Professional Headshot Mark Holden Andrew Campbell Foleys List Barrister

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