The Moore Stephens Project

Need the entire team photographed to a tight deadline? Not sure how to get it done? See how we photographed 86 people for Moore Stephens in three days, and made them all look fantastic!

We were recently asked by Nexia to assist with a rebranding project. They required 86 people to have new headshots taken, to suit a new style of imagery. Everyone needed to be photographed in a modern high rise office, with a view overlooking Melbourne – on a sunny day.

Oh and we only had 3 days to complete the principal photography!

We opted to shoot on location, setting up a mobile studio in a boardroom. To keep the lighting consistent to match the new style, we opted for studio lighting on location, stripping in the background afterwards in Photoshop.

Everyone had an enjoyable 10 minute session, and after the three days shooting we selected everyone’s best images for retouching and compositing back at the studio.

The files were all delivered on time to delighted client!


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