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We Guarantee to make you look Fantastic – Or you don’t pay!

We hear it all the time, “I hate having my photo taken!” or “I don’t look good in photos”.


Sound familiar?

Did you know that LinkedIn now has over 500 Million Members and 40 Million of those people are in decision making positions!

You don’t want to be seen as an anonymous grey silhouette in your LinkedIn profile.

Every professional needs a quality portrait on LinkedIn, it is the first impression you make and you don’t want to be left behind!

If you’re a job seeker, you need to have a Linkedin Profile picture that hiring managers can see to get a feel for whether you are the right fit for their company.

A great LinkedIn Profile photo also helps potential connections determine whether you’re the John Smith or Mary Jones they know or not. Without a great professional headshot, you could be missing out on opportunities to network or be hired!

A great LinkedIn profile Photo needs to look like you, and on a really good day!

So how do you want the world to see you?

Do you want to be seen as …

  • Warm, Smiling and Friendly
  • Professional and Approachable
  • Knowledgeable and Capable
  • Successful
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative and Unique

Like most people, you probably want all of these in your LinkedIn Profile Photo!

But each requires a different expression and approach to create the perfect LinkedIn Photo.

You’ll be personally guided and have your Professional Photograph taken by an AIPP Grand Master Photographer. Andrew Campbell GM. Photog, FNZIPP, M.Photog WPPI is one of only 30 Grand Masters in Australia!

With a background in Fashion Photography, Andrew Campbell who has shot for brands including Schwarzkopf, Loreal, Myer, Caspi and Tomboy knows how to make you look fantastic and make your LinkedIn profile photo stand out!

Thanks to this experience Andrew knows all the secrets to coach you and guide you during your photo shoot. He will personally guide direct and prompt you with posing, stances, expressions and attitudes just like a fashion model, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

How much does it cost?

Get Yourself a Professional LinkedIn Profile Headshot Photo that you’ll be proud to show off on your Linked In Profile, Twitter or your Website from just $330.00, or bring a friend and it’s just $270 each for your 30-45 minute sessions.

We Guarantee to make you look Fantastic!

We’ll then gently tweak the photos to remove blemishes, soften lines, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, even add slimming filters as requested – Just like the celebrities get done in the magazines!

You’ll look just like you on a really good day… and if we don’t make you look fantastic, don’t pay a cent!

Your photos will be ready immediately after your shoot, and supplied in four sizes – so you can use them for LinkedIn Profile, The Web, Social Media and a High resolution file that you can use in print!

In fact, we’ve successfully photographed over 10,000 people, including two Prime Ministers and four Premiers, which means we know what works and what doesn’t for you…. and you’ll enjoy the experience, especially if you hate having your Photo taken!

If you’re not happy with your final images, simply tell us before your session ends and we will re-shoot entirely at our expense. If you are still not happy, we’ll refund your investment in full!

Put simply, we welcome your business, when you work with us you can’t lose!

It’s a unique experience that defines, positions and then depicts leadership and inspiration to prospects, clients and friends.

  • Jac Phillips
    Andrew, thank you so much for the shoot last week. I am so THRILLED with what you've done for me. Never again do I need to cringe as I am asked to provide a "recent photograph".
    Jac Phillips
    National Marketing Manager, Brand & Campaigns - ANZ Financial planning

Here’s a Few Great Tips …

For Professional Photography, wear professional business attire – Gents, either a Suit and tie or for a more relaxed, casual business look a plain shirt and jacket without the tie.

Ladies, a plain suit and a white, blue or pink blouse always works. Solid colours photograph best. Keep your jewellery simple and stylish. For a casual look, bring solid colours, no patterns and long sleeves.

If in doubt, imagine you’re going to a first meeting with an important new client, what will you wear to make that best, first impression? That’s the direction you should take for your important professional Linked in Profile Photo.

Be sure to look directly into the camera so the connection with people viewing your image is strong. Always avoid outdoor shots. Your eyes can be squinting and be sure to remove hats, sunglasses and props.

Some people fall in the trap of posting a snapshot taken at a wedding or function. You can easily spot these because the friend next to them is cropped out but there’s still a mysterious hand on their shoulder looking like “Thing” from the Addams Family!

Keep it clean and simple after all, you’re selling yourself, and what price do you put on that?

Even more importantly, what is it costing you not to?

At the Melbourne Headshot Company, we specialise in making people just like you, look FANTASTIC on LinkedIn. It’s 100% guaranteed, if you don’t get the most amazing Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo, don’t pay us!


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