Headshots unique process guarantees your photos look fantastic – or you don’t pay!

Our unique corporate photography process is comprised of just 5 simple steps …

Who are you and how do you want the world to see you?

Let’s discuss the intended use of the image – where it’s going to appear, in what context and who’s going to be looking at it.

Do you want the world to see you as warm, smiling and friendly or professional and approachable? Do you need to look trustworthy and reliable?

We will quickly help you identify your desired outcome and needs for your business, so the right look can be defined for you.

Portrait Photography 101 – Your training session.

Our photographer coaches you to create the appropriate expression then a series of test photographs are taken and shown to you ‘live’ on screen. You’ll see straight away if your hair is looking right or if your garment needs adjusting. You’ll be coached on how to genuinely and warmly smile for the camera on cue, and not look like you’re faking it!

How to recognize a great photo of yourself!

Your new images are loaded into a browser for review. Our amazing software makes it so easy to see the differences. By process of comparison and elimination, we’ll work with you to identify your very best side and expressions, so you can confidently pose like an expert in your session.

You too can look fantastic in photos: just be yourself and we’ll direct you to look fantastic!

By now, you’re feeling confident; you know exactly what look you want to project, you’re looking great and, surprisingly, you’re actually enjoying yourself! There is no limit to the number of shots taken, so we keep shooting until you are completely delighted with your amazing new image! During the session, you can try different outfits, expressions and poses to suit the brief. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Digital magic! Looks like you but on a really good day!

Your selected images are then digitally airbrushed and retouched as necessary. Any obvious lines or blemishes are easily removed or softened, so you look fantastic, but natural – just you on a really good day!

The images are then supplied on a 4GB USB stick in four different sizes, for use in printed reproduction, social media, the web and your Linkedin profile.