A great Headshot will create Confidence in your Business Image, which helps you get more customers!

You need a great headshot! A great headshot opens many doors and inspires trust through seeing your business success in websites, social media, annual reports, corporate brochures, or images to accompany a media release.

"Corporate Essentials" Package: A Great New Look


Get Yourself a Confident Business Image that you'll be proud to show off on your Linkedin Profile, Twitter or your Website for just $330.00!

Special rates for groups and teams.

  • Daniel Taylor
    Thankyou so much! I walked in with the same feeling I have heading to the dentist and walked out thrilled with the end result. The entire process was remarkably painless!
    Daniel Taylor
    NZ Consul General
  • Dr. Jane E. Patersen
    I was anxious about having a photoshoot - being 47y/o, with wrinkles, sunspots and many chins. You however, are a master! You listened, understood and delivered exactly what I needed. My photos are wonderful and you have exceeded all of my expectations, I'm thrilled.
    Dr. Jane E. Patersen
  • Gerry Gogan
    Many thanks for looking after the Three Direct Focus Amigos! I enjoyed your professional, yet friendly approach, that achieved such great results. The photos are way better than I expected, particularly with the subject matter you had to deal with. I have already updated my LinkedIn profile and our website. You can be assured that I will be recommending you to others.
    Many thanks again.
    Gerry Gogan
    Direct Focus Consulting
  • Faye Rouse
    The Melbourne Headshot Company has provided me with 1st class photos for my business several times over the past few years. My clients always remark on their quality and genuinness and this has helped grow my business substantially. It's such a good experience, I'll always be returning for more!
    Faye Rouse

"Corporate Plus" Package: Two Different Looks


Get Yourself a Confident Business Image and a Casual one for Social Media for just $550.00!

Our most popular package, get a Corporate look and a Casual look, or a Body shot and a Headshot. We'll create two distinctly different looks for you that you can use for different applications. This is what most people choose.

The session fee includes two images of your choice.

Here’s how it works…

  1. We’ll have a relaxed conversation about how you want the world to see you? Warm, Smiling and Friendly, Professional and Approachable or Capable and Knowledgeable?
  2. We’ll then take a series of photos of you  – guiding, prompting and showing you what to do to make your photos look great! You’ll even learn smile on cue.
  3. Your photos are reviewed on a large monitor so you can see which expression and style works best for you.
  4. We’ll keep shooting with a plan and a purpose to get the results you’ve only ever dreamed of getting!
  5. With our photographers guidance and advice, you’ll choose the best photo, or photos if you are getting a package, for retouching. We’ll then gently tweak the photos to remove blemishes, soften lines etc. (Just like the celebrities get done in the magazines!)

You’ll look just like you on a really good day… and if we don’t make you look fantastic, don’t pay a cent!

Call us on Tel: 03 9642 1656 or Text: 0402 543559 to arrange a time to create your new images or use our Quick Quote form, and we will contact you for hassle free corporate headshots! 

Special rates for large groups and teams.